Pat’s Work

Dynamic director specializing in VFX and fast paced social edits.


Red Bull Ninja

Oakley Product Journey

Asics Jen Hudak

Asics x outside

Footlocker x Nike

meundies x griz

wsj service now


Patrick Hall

Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Hall is a highly dynamic and energetic director, editor, and sound designer with a knack for telling stories in a fast paced manner. 

With the same dwindling attention span as the rest of his generation, Pat knows firsthand how to keep things interesting and maintain his viewers’ engagement. He is a three-time Santa Barbara International Film Festival Finalist, winning his first festival at the early age of 15. He has since directed and edited content for Footlocker, Adidas, Nike, Outside Magazine, and Asics. With his post-heavy background, he knows exactly what content he needs to create an impactful edit, allowing him to make confident decisions as a director on set.