Intern With Stept

Hear from interns of seasons past, each now a part of our team, talking on their experience with Stept.


Chris Naum

Spring 2016 Production Intern

Unlike other production internships, Stept gave me the opportunity to showcase my abilities. You’re not just another intern getting coffee—you're integrated with teams and the entire production process. Their guidance throughout the program helped me progress my shooting and editing skills to a professional level.


Stephen Bogdan

Fall 2017 Design Intern

As an intern with Stept you're a part of a nimble team, where everyone's role is essential in bringing the idea to life. You're surrounding yourself with highly skilled individuals who love their craft, and on top of that are genuinely great humans to be around. It's a fast-paced environment where every day you walk away with something cool you were able to have a hand in.


Megan Arizmendi

Summer 2017 Marketing/PR Intern

"When I began working at Stept, I had the opportunity to produce and coordinate commercials for brands that I respect and admire. I have felt beyond lucky to walk into a workplace every day and feel like I’m a part of a family made up of driven, inspiring, and hilarious individuals who love to create and share what they create with others even more."


Nicole Johal

Spring 2018 Post Intern

Working as a Post intern at Stept, you’re thrown straight into a circle of talented editors and creatives to shape early ideas into exciting, final products. It’s incredibly fortunate to walk into a room of people with such great energy everyday. There’s always something new going on that tests your skills on every front.